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Chesterman Beach

Thanks for choosing to paint with me!


You’ll see on the other side of this paper there will be the colour map; a drawing of the finished piece uncoloured with numbers corresponding to each section. Please note you will not be painting each section in order as a few of the colours will build off eachother to create a beautiful cohesive piece of artwork.

Dip the brush into the water and use water colours as indicated in the colour map as shown mixing the colours as desired in your paint palette. It is best to use small amounts of each colour as it is easier to get the colour you want that way. Control how pigmented you want each colour by adding more or less water.

You can use the scrap piece of wood to test what the colours will look like on the wood.

Please note the colour map is a suggestion, but feel free to mix the colours; however, you would like to create your own unique piece of artwork.

Once your have your desired colour remove the tape from only the section you will be painting. Start with the edges working in sections till the full space is covered with your colour. Use either the small or medium paint brush depending on where you are painting.

Clean paint brush in cup of water and repeat process till your artwork is complete!


Colour Map

Painting will not be done in numerical order the number at the beginning corresponds with the section you’ll be painting in that order.

Colour Recipe